What people are saying about us and about Holistic Management.

Holistic Management


"For the sake of all your future family members, study and practice Holistic Management. Pass the knowledge on to enrich your life and increase your overall wealth."

Scott Robinson, Bangalow, NSW




"You may wonder why it is that a former soldier and Governor General is getting behind this, but it is very simple. I really believe the globe is going to face a very, very major food security issue. Sixty per cent of our arable land is degraded in some form, costs for farmers' inputs are going up and the average age of our farmers is about 59. Also, there are big problems with water. Holistic Management is a very important part of the water and soil issue. Allan Savory's grazing concepts enhance soil fertility quickly and that concept is now starting to take hold right across the globe and I am delighted to see it taking place in Australia. I urge everyone to have a look at what Allan Savory has been doing and see how it may suit your system. I strongly recommend taking a Holistic Management course. I hope we will all be able to work together to really change the landscape, soil water management and regeneration process for the good of all Australians and indeed to set an example for the rest of the world."

Major General Jeffery, former Governor General of Australia, quoted in ‘The Australian’ December 2011




"Traditionally, livestock is kept in paddocks for weeks or months. They nibble away at the most nutritious plants, giving the noxious weeds an advantage, destroying biodiversity and profitability.

A new approach, holistic management, reverses this. The herds are moved from one small cell to another, as often as every day. The livestock eat everything in a cell, but over the following months the pasture is rested and the grass grows back luxuriant and sweet. Cattle are better fed, less worried by parasites (because the moving disrupts the parasite cycle), calmer and seemingly happier (perhaps because the animals live in a more natural herd structure). Farmers are happier, too, because their workload is more evenly spread and their businesses are more profitable".

Tim Flannery, scientist, 2007 Australian of the Year, author of the Weather Makers



“Holistic Management is one of the key tools at our disposal [to combat climate change].”

Tim Flannery, scientist, 2007 Australian of the Year, author of the Weather Makers



"Where Holistic Management is practiced increases of up to 3% in soil carbon are being achieved. This happens largely because the soil is protected from erosion and grass cover increases, allowing more root growth.” .

Tim Flannery, Chairman of the Copenhagen committee for climate change



"If you are not totally satisfied with what you have done in the past, this [Holistic Management] has to be worth a good hard look. Most Holistic solutions seem to require more brain work than money to implement so that goes straight to the bottom line."

Greg and Carol Hoadley,  Glenmorgan, QLD



"Holistic Management ensures you make decisions that are environmentally sustainable; i.e. maintaining ground cover, retaining and promoting green plants. I now look at what environment a pest lives in and I create an environment that does not suit it."


Trent Vincent, Injune, QLD



Inside Outside Management


"Farmers are a hard group to teach but this group learning experience facilitates change well. Everyone gets more from the course than they bargained for. It is evident throughout the course that Holistic Management can benefit everyone from the country to the CBD."

Sam Bonello, Bangalow, NSW



"This would have to be one of the best courses I have done. My only regret would be that I didn't do it sooner. Should have done it with my whole family but unfortunately that was not practical. Looking forward to putting this learning into practice."

Don Schulton, Bangalow, NSW




"The Holistic Management course delivered by Inside Outside Management under the TAFE umbrella has far exceeded our expectations!  We have learned an enormous amount about what a healthy environment is, what a productive pasture looks like, and how to achieve them. This carries over to include a better understanding of animal health and nutrition achieved with little or no chemical interventions.

The fundamental concepts of Holistic Management are powerful and persuasive, and the knowledge and tools taught in the course allow a keen novice and seasoned professional alike to get started straight away. We have already begun the process of mending past (inadvertent) sins and omissions, and can see the beneficial impact in only a few short months.

We now have a wonderful decision-making tool to allow us to resolve a problem or test an idea, or ideas, taking all of the key factors: the environment; the cost and funding sources; the impact; and our long term "life goals", into account.

The current and last segment of the course, Financial Planning, will allow us to keep within known and viable financial parameters.

In summary, we are delighted to be doing the course, and excited about the new knowledge and tools we have gained.

PS We are just about to go away for three weeks, and the pasture assessment tools we have acquired allowed us to work out how to deploy the cattle so that we can be sure that they will have sufficient nutrition while we are gone."

Julie Brady and Felicity Carter, Forster, NSW




"Certainly the best course I have attended. Totally new ideas passionately promoted by the facilitators, lots of reinforcement. Gives me great hope and motivation for the future!"

Glenn Telford, Bymount, QLD



"I would encourage other Graziers to have a look at attending one of these workshops to equip themselves with the information revealed to assist them in making future grazing management decisions / plans."

James T. Vote, Warwick, QLD



"Well presented and useful information easily adaptable to our business. Will help with our decision-making to benefit all aspects of our lives."

Wayne McNalty, Glenmorgan, QLD



"I did have doubts about doing the course but as we worked through it, it was a big wake-up call about ourselves and the environment."

Corrina Kirkwood, Glenmorgan, QLD



"The Holistic Management course with Inside Outside Management at Bega was a great experience - bonding exercises formed the group into a close knot trusting group of people who were comfortable to share their experiences. The HM method of farm planning is a wonderful concept which should be more widely promoted.'"

Jenny Baker, Bega, NSW



"An enlightening, inspiring and challenging course.'"

Rod Logan, Bega, NSW