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Introducing Brian Wehlburg, certified Holistic Management educator.

Brian is a registered trainer with TAFE, Holistic Management International and The Savory Institute.

Brian Wehlburg

From Africa originally, I migrated to Australia in 2001. I obtained my initial experience whilst training as an educator whilst training at the Zimbabwe National Air Force Parachute School. Following this I obtained an agricultural diploma and, in 1981, after two years as a farm manager I started my own agricultural enterprise, growing crops for export, breeding cattle and operating a safari business and wildlife conservancy.

An introductory Holistic Management course in 1995 inspired me to implement my new understanding and knowledge, using grazing as a tool to improve the environment with resultant increased stocking rates, significant pasture improvement and regeneration of water seeps. In 2001 I completed my Holistic Management Certified Educator’s course.

Since arriving in Australia I have broadened this hands-on experience, working for a pastoral enterprise in South West Queensland as a pasture and cattle manager and grazing consultant and managing a grazing property in New South Wales. I enjoy sharing my passion for environmental improvement and grazing management.

In Zimbabwe I held field days for local tribal farmers and involved my staff with  new grazing practices. As a director of Inside Outside Management I have worked with diverse groups, including Landcare and CMA groups, family businesses and sole operators both in Queensland and New South Wales, delivering Holistic Management practitioner training and grazing management courses. I have much experience working in a team with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This, together with my passion for Holistic Management allows me to create an atmosphere of trust within a group, enabling the diverse participants to actively contribute towards positive outcomes.

Brian Wehlburg

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