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ABC Landline feature on Holistic Management - 2019

The May 19, 2015 episode of ABC's Landline showcases two Holistic Management practitioners discussing the benefits of managing holistically to their land and businesses. Included in this episode is a segment on Land to Market Australia's ecological verifications scheme. 

Holistic Management features in a 2015 National Geographic / PBS Documentary

Allan Savory features in PBS / National Geographic Documentary EARTH - A NEW WILD: Plains "If Allan is right, then we may have to completely rethink life on the plains. The message is an extraordinary powerful one, and it could be the best thing, the absolute best thing that conservation has ever discovered" M.Sanjayan, Host, Earth: A New Wild

Allan Savory TED2013 talk on Holistic Management

Allan Savory reviews the devastating effects of desertification on the earth and our civilizations and the consistent failure of current approaches to stop desertification. He shows dramatic examples of how livestock are the best (and only) tool that can permanently reverse these processes.

Holistic Management at Work

A short video showing the benefits that are being obtained by embracing Holistic Management in different countries.

Holistic Management at Work


Watch Allan Savory speaking on Holistic Management

Welcome to the world of Holistic Management. Watch these clips of Allan speaking on:



Holistic Management

Land planning and mapping

Improved carrying capacity

Reducing woody species

Solar energy flow

The water cycle



Partial rest

Herd impact and over-rest

The pre-Columbian landscape

An Australian example

An example from New Mexico

Support groups