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Current courses

Mullumbimby 2022

Session 1 January 13-14, Session 2 March 24-25
Session 3
May 19-20 , Session 4 June 15-16


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Braidwood 2022 (Tombarra / Mulloon Institute)

Session 1 January 24-25, Session 2 February 9-10
Session 3 March 9-10 Session 4 April 26-27 Enrol here


Wauchope 2022

Session 1 January 27-28 Session 2 March 21-22
Session 3 April 4-5 Session 4 May 16-17 Enrol here


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Berry 2022

Session 1 April 28-29, Session 2 May 24-25
Session 3 June 21-22, Session 4 July 12-13
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Current courses

West Gippsland (Warragul) 2021

Session 1 May 4-5, Session 2 November 23-24
Session 3 December 14-15, Session 4 February 1-2

East Gippsland (Bairnsdale) 2021

Session 1 May 6-7, Session 2 November 25-26
Session 3 December 16-17, Session 4 February 3-4

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Macedon Ranges 2022 (Summerleigh Farm)

Session 1 January 18-19, Session 2 February 15-16
Session 3 March 15-16, Session 4 April 12-13 Enrol here


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Mary Valley (Kandanga Store) 2022

Session 1 March 1-2, Session 2 March 29-30
Session 3 May 3-4, Session 4 June 28-29 Enrol here



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Strathalbyn 2022

Session 1 August 23-24, Session 2 October 25-26
Session 3 November 15-16, Session 4 December 6-7



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Albany 2022

Session 1 July 7-8, Session 2 August 11-12
Session 3 September 8-9, Session 4 October 13-14 
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Muresk Institute, Northam 2022

Session 1 July 4-5, Session 2 August 8-9
Session 3 September 5-6, Session 4 October 10-11 
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This course is an eight-day course, consisting of four modules of two days, each 4-7 weeks apart. 


Session 1:

    • What sustains us? The four eco-foundation blocks that support all human endeavour.
      • Water Cycle - making every drop count; ways to improve the efficiency of your rainfall.
      • Mineral Cycle - ensuring the fast cycling of minerals to promote biodiversity.
      • Solar Energy Flow - maximising the transformation of sunlight to dollars through the photosynthetic process.
      • Community Dynamics - understanding the links between all living things, to create a stable, diverse and profitable environment. 

    • New concepts about the functioning of nature.
      • Nature functions in wholes - discover why our present view of nature as interconnected parts cannot work.
      • Understand the time factor in grazing and why time and not animal numbers causes overgrazing.
      • Learn about the Brittleness Scale, and why some environments deteriorate when rested.
      • Understand the relationship between grazing animals, their predators and the plants.


Session 2:

    • Introduction to Holistic Management - demonstrates why conventional decision making is failing us in our holistic world.
    • Setting Holistic Context - learn how to create your own holistic context with the values that are uniquely yours.
    • Testing decisions -  understand the seven testing questions that ensure every decision you make moves you towards your context.


Session 3:

 Holistic Grazing Planning®

This procedure which has been adapted from the Sandhurst Military Academy.  Learn how to get your animals to the right place at the right time for the right reasons.  Understand how animals can be used as tools to increase biodiversity and long term profitability. Discover how to monitor grass growth to give plants maximum chance to achieve their potential, and to accurately estimate standing feed to budget your stock requirement.

 Early warning biological monitoring

Read the soil surface to obtain the earliest indication that you may be straying off course. Learn how to set up monitoring and photographic sites.


Session 4: 

 Holistic Financial Planning - wealth generation

Plan your profits

 Holistic Land Planning

A process that will help you create the lives you want from the land, far into the future.


The cost of the eight days of training includes the text book - Allan Savory’s “Holistic Management - a New Framework for Making Decisions”, the Holistic Management handbook, financial and grazing planning resources, morning teas and a great time! Participant numbers will not exceed 25 people.


Holistic Management® is a registered trademark of Holistic Management International and has been used by permission.